“Nothing Rhymes with Orange”

It’s strange that no word rhymes with orange.

That lack of rhyme seems apt to me.

I might suggest the word revenge.

The orange one sows disharmony.


The unhinged despot wields his power,

His chief concern to please his base.

His lies and upsets mount each hour;

His mantra is “Repeal and Replace.”


The orange one can be counted on

To avenge his real or imagined slights.

His staff and partisans learned to fawn.

Their bully-in-chief delights in fights.


The orange man draws the radical fringe

That seeks to destroy our democracy.

Mere thought of him can make me cringe!

I recoil at his hypocrisy.


How many laws can he infringe

And still incur no penalty?

His actions make me want to binge

On food or drink to blur reality.


Instead, I’ll pledge to join the fight

With Indivisibles defending our nation.

History will one day prove us right,

A time in our land for jubilation!


By Anna Dabney December 23, 2017