Resistance Sites (Just a few of the many action sites just a click away :)

Quick & easy ways to resist while waiting in line, etc.

Drain The NRA “…combats the gun lobby’s stranglehold on Congress by boycotting and divesting from the gun industry and its corporate partners, while shining a light on those politicians who value the NRA’s financial contributions over the lives of their own constituents.”

Chop Wood, Carry Water Daily Actions Newsletter. : auto connects to MoC’s with issues & scripts : texts to you a # to call to MoC’s with issues & scripts - a daily, thoroughly vetted action list for people who are unhappy with the current administration and who want to become more politically involved, but do not have time for the research. - Postcards to Voters : a new tool that we think will increase our collective impact by sending out our recommended calls to action via Amplify, an app developed by Indivisible San Francisco for itself and other groups. : friendly, handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast. : companies to boycott : list of action groups : “No matter your political stripe, Americans are good, generous people who pull together in a pinch. Katrina. New York. Sandy Hook. When the chips are down, we look out for each other.” Scroll down her page to find the latest action., the folks from “Pod Save America” : Click here to “Do Something!

More Groups:

Tom Steyer’s NextGen America : “We’re proud to step up the fight for immigrant rights, affordable health care, and core American values.”


SWING LEFT coordinates funding and volunteers to help Democrats win Republican-held seats in swing districts. It has targeted 64 House seats for the 2018 mid-terms.

INDIVISIBLE, a virtually self-organized national effort, began as a Google Doc after the 2016 election. It has attracted a good many experienced political professionals, and it concentrates on blocking Trump’s federal initiatives.

THE SISTER DISTRICT PROJECT works on electing Democrats to state legislatures. It claims some 25,000 volunteers in 50 states.

RUN FOR SOMETHING focuses on recruiting and mentoring younger people to run in down-ballot races.

EMILY’S LIST recruits and trains pro-choice female Democratic candidates. The 32-year-old group has seen an explosion of interest since the election, with more than 17,000 women signing up for its “Run to Win” training program. As a result, the organization has tripled its state and local staff operations.

OUR REVOLUTION was created by Sen. Bernie Sanders to sustain the momentum of the his 2016 campaign. It claims some 400 local chapters and focuses on taking control of the Democratic Party and on supporting progressive candidates in the vast number of state and local races that normally get little attention.

BRAND NEW CONGRESS, a political action committee established by former staffers and supporters of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, works to elect Democrats to Congress who support Sanders’ policies and platform, even if that means opposing sitting Democrats in party primaries.

THE MOVEMENT FOR BLACK LIVES, which began as a protest movement against police violence in 2013, is still in the streets, but it has begun focusing on get-out-the-vote drives and local electoral campaigns, such as the race for Philadelphia district attorney.

LABOR FOR OUR REVOLUTION grew out of Labor for Bernie, a coalition of union members who backed Sanders in 2016. They recently launched a campaign with organizations such as JUSTICE DEMOCRATS and NATIONAL NURSES UNITED to pressure Democrats in Congress to sign on to a progressive People’s Platform.

DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA, founded in 1982, has more than doubled its membership since the election, becoming the nation’s largest socialist organization, with over 120 chapters. The group has developed a plan to help progressives win local elections and to build support for national political change.

WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, created two decades ago in New York City to push the state Democrats to the left, has since expanded to a dozen other states and created a national membership. It endorses and runs candidates and builds community-labor coalitions to press for progressive policies.